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Intro to upcycling

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intro to upcycling

Upcycling is a technique that uses recycled materials to create new objects.

It saves resources and money and helps to cut the amount of discarded materials that are sent to landfills.

Upcycling is also an excellent way to reuse items you no longer want, and the practice has spawned a whole industry around it. Some of the examples are Bottle Cutting Inc, which created the Kinkajou bottle cutter, and Hipcycle, an online seller of upcycled items.

In contrast, downcycling is the process by which recyclable items are ruined or contaminated.

Typically, if materials have been downcycled, they can no longer be used to make new products. The end result of this process is a product of lower quality or value.

The advantages of upcycling are many, and the process can be quite simple. It is much cheaper than buying new materials.

Plus, upcycling can become a hobby that can involve family, friends, or even kids!

Just remember to purchase quality tools. If you choose to use cheaper tools, you may end up destroying the material you are upcycling before it is ready to be sold.

You can upcycle old clothes and other items to create new treasures.

For example, you can upcycle your old coffee cups or wine bottles. You can also reuse plastic gallon jugs to store natural cleaners.

You can also upcycly plastic bottles into wind chimes, vases, or even musical instruments.

Looking for upcycling ideas?

They’re all around you and are literally endless.

Check these videos for example:

Tons of DIY potential in upcycling:

Fall decor, all DIY and upcycled:


Upcycling ideas that help you organize your kitchen:


Upcycling old wooden parts (it’s not all about plastic, you know!):


…and this upcycling gem:


Another benefit of upcycling is that you can reuse a lot of items that are considered “trash” by others.

Many high-end companies use upcycled products in their production processes. Many other companies repurpose plastic bottles into household goods.

You can find upcycled products on Etsy and other sites.

Upcycling is a great way to recycle unused materials. It is an ideal way to increase the value of products you have and to help the environment.

You can reuse almost any object, not just old clothes but also electronics, toys, cutlery, and basically anything else. Whatever can’t become a household object, will become a work of art – upcycling is a liberation process!

By utilizing the items you have on hand and reusing them, you can make them more functional and beautiful. You are pretty much giving things a second life.

Upcycling  requires more time, energy, and money than recycling, but the results are always worth it.


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