Sustainable travel & tourism – tips, companies, and trends to follow

The sustainable travel revolution is here. No matter if you’re stuck in the lockdown now – once things are back to normal traveling the right way will be extremely popular with the eco-friendly.

We’ve all heard about the sustainable tourism concept. But what is it exactly?

Over the past couple of decades, we have all become acutely aware of our impact on the environment.

Rising temperatures, abject poverty, and economic recessions are becoming more and more prevalent on an annual basis. How can sustainable travel and tourism make a difference?

Sustainable travel and tourism involves the concept of visiting a destination as a tourist with the aim of making as small an impact on a local environment, economy or society as possible.

By paying attention to and making use of clean, efficient, and non-exploitative methods of transport, consuming sustainable foods and supporting local communities and economies, sustainable travel tries to make a difference to everybody, not just the traveller. It is as simple as that.

So, how how does it work? How do we go about making this difference as we explore strange, new places around the globe?

We begin by researching, in detail, travel companies working to make sustainable travel possible to our intended destinations.

We look for those actions that will contribute to, instead of detracting from, the local resources available. Then we act.

We investigate and consider the impacts that our travel will have on the world.

From CO2 emissions in the transport that we choose to the footprint left by us staying in various destinations.

From the flow of money spent on the food that we eat while traveling, to the communities benefiting from this money, every action that we take has an impact somewhere, somehow.

We all share this wonderful planet and it is the responsibility of every one of us to do our best to make a positive difference when exploring its many wonders. Here, we will take a look at some of those organizations and people making a difference in the pursuit of sustainable travel.

sustainable travel tourism

What are the sustainable tourism companies?

Sustainable Travel International

This non-profit organization works to achieve the goals set out by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Since 2002, they have been hard at work, promoting the concept of sustainable tourism, focussed around defeating the unsustainable impact on energy, water, land and food use that we have.

As pioneers of the sustainable travel movement, they are leading the way in bringing awareness to many tourism companies about the need for sustainable travel.

Responsible Travel

This is a sustainable tourism company focused on eco-friendly holidays and ecotourism for almost 20 years. Their focus revolves around offering tourists almost zero-impact tours and holidays. By making use of green transport options and minimal carbon footprint destinations, they’re making a difference – one breath at a time.

Adventure Alternative

This company places an exciting focus and emphasis on wildlife and conservation in exotic destinations across the globe. From the jungles of Borneo to the plains of East Africa, this sustainable tourism company is paving the way and contributing heavily to the preservation of our unique and beautiful wildlife.

Rickshaw Travel

This is a UK-based company that looks to take travelers in an as eco-friendly manner as possible to Asian destinations that allow visitors to explore and give back to the local communities which they visit.

These communities, for too long exploited by larger organizations, are thriving and sharing their customs and unique differences with tourists from across the world.


We all need to stop and take a look before booking that flight.

Explore eco-friendly methods of transport, only visit places that will benefit the local inhabitants, eat sustainable foods as you explore and use only those sustainable travel and tourism companies that are working to make a difference for us all.

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