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Morning mindfulness: building your routine from movement to meditation

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morning mindfulness

Most of us are susceptible to mornings filled with madness, rush, and panic.

A typical morning generally starts with hitting the snooze button a few times and then waking up panicking about the time left.

So many things to do but such little time, taking a shower, sparing a few minutes to dress up, having morning coffee, racing up that bike or car, and finally, not being late for work.

Boy, oh boy, such a busy morning doesn’t do anything but leave us tired and exhausted at the very start of the day.

However, there is a very simple way to avoid all the rush and extra exhaustion, a simple tip to better mornings, and it all starts with a morning mindfulness routine. 

You must have heard it and read it repeatedly: the secret to being successful and most productive is to have a proper morning routine. The statement holds truth in so many ways, and in this article, we will tell you why.

Apart from this, a mindful morning has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. It also helps promote mental well-being throughout the day. Setting a morning  

Why does mindfulness matter right after you wake up?

Mindfulness training is an exercise that has been practiced since ancient times to promote mental calmness and relaxation. Incorporating mindfulness in your daily activities will enable you to look at life through a positive lens and help you feel and acknowledge all the little things that bring you joy.

Do you know morning is the most important time of the day?

Morning set up a tone for the entire day, and if your mornings are carefully scheduled, incorporating a mindfulness routine, your entire day will be spent following a similar pattern.

We cannot emphasize the importance of having a morning mindfulness routine. The day to follow and the perspective you carry throughout the day matter how your mornings started.

Mindful movement in the morning

Mindful movements are just the same as any other mindful practice. Mindful movements are all about focusing on the present moment, the breathing patterns, how the body moves, and simply not letting the mind wander.

Practicing mindful movement in the morning is the best thing you can do for yourself. It can involve light breathing exercises, walking meditation, mindful stretching, yoga, etc, to name a few.

Tuning into your body right in the morning can help make you resilient. A mindful morning movement nourishes the body and mind by elevating our emotional wellness.

Observing and feeling all the small movements, like whether your right leg moves forward first or the left or observing the feeling of your hand touching the water with swimming, etc., creates a certain level of harmony between your mind and body. This relationship between mind and body is highly powerful, and it helps the body feel better while uplifting the mood.

Things NOT to do in the morning

There are several things that we all tend to do which can have the potential to ruin our day and alter our overall productivity.

It all starts with hitting the snooze button, which can leave you stressed and guilty of not waking up in time – and can also leave you feeling tired as soon as you wake up.

The second most common mistake that most of us make is checking social media while still in bed.

Try to skip checking your phone and allow yourself some technology-free time as soon as you wake up.

Other things that we must not do in the morning to strengthen the morning mindfulness are consuming coffee or sugary drinks, taking low-protein breakfast or skipping breakfast altogether, and making a to-do list as soon as we wake up.

Depriving yourself of morning light and fresh air is also a commonly made morning mistake.

Morning meditation

Setting aside a few minutes each day to practice morning mindfulness meditation is perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself. Several studies have shown that people who practice morning meditation are happier, calmer, and more relaxed than others who don’t.

Meditation doesn’t have to take a lot of your time in the mornings; it can be just a few minutes of practicing meditation that can result in benefits like lower stress levels, better sleeping patterns, and feeling energized with increased focus and awareness. A few minutes of morning meditation is also known to significantly improve concentration and focus while boosting physical and mental health.

Morning mindfulness if you have kids

We can understand that if you are the parent of kids, especially if the kids are toddlers or pre-schoolers, how hard it must be to create a routine and stick to it. But trust us, you can have a better and more mindful morning if you want.

Deciding to incorporate mindfulness into your morning routine if you have kids can benefit you in handling the chaos and help in calming down the kids and getting their focus on the present.

You can include meditation, journaling, light stretching together as a family, and preparing and consuming a healthy breakfast are a few ways to introduce mindfulness into your morning routine if you have kids.

Do not let your kids stay in bed for long, and remember to open the windows so that the kids can breathe some fresh air. Even your breakfast can be grounded in here and now with these mindful eating tips.

Raising those little humans can be the most important job that you will ever be tasked with, and the pressure of raising them right can be burdensome. As parents, we are highly susceptible to falling into patterns and taking things too seriously. But remember not to forget to have fun with your kids. Do not let go of the fun element, morning mindfulness meditation rituals, preparing a healthy breakfast, or mindful journaling.

Morning mindfulness affirmations

Give your day a positive kick start by practicing morning mindfulness affirmations – check out our post on that.

Practicing positive, mindful affirmations can rewire your brain and help you feel relaxed and truly happy in all areas of life.

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