Mindfulness in communication

Mindfulness is not just sitting and meditating alone by a lake.

Mindfulness is essential to everything we do, no matter how mundane it is. The way we go about doing simple daily chores, moving around, eating, and talking to others – everything matters on our journey to rich, calm, and mindful existence.



You’ve probably noticed how some conversations leave you exhausted while other lift you up and inspire.

It’s not just about talking to “toxic” or “inspiring” people. What matters is how we behave in the conversation. How mindful we are of our selves and things we say and hear.

Let’s go over what mindfulness in communication is and see how we can achieve more of it.

Workplace communication mindfulness

Effective communication is essential to the success of any team. It also improves a company’s culture and increases employee engagement. However, many people struggle with communication. Mindfulness training can help you to break these barriers and improve your communication in the workplace and your personal life.

But do you really have to undergo a training to be a more mindful talker?

Here’s a checklist of mindful communication techniques that everyone can adopt and internalize. These will help you be a better colleague and a friend, and get things you need fast and effective.

Mindfulness communication techniques

Being mindful in your communication with others will increase the amount of value and pleasure you’re getting from every meeting, no matter if it’s a serious negotiation or a quick bus stop chat.

Below is a checklist of things you need to pay attention to each time you interact with other humans. Try it for a week and you won’t be able to go back to mindless chats that take you to places you never wanted to go.

1. Have Intention

In every conversation, know WHY you’re doing it.

What are your goals? What are your counterpart’s goals as you perceive them?

Always have an idea of what is appropriate and what is not in each specific conversation.

2. Be an active listener

Research has shown that a conscious listener makes workplace communication way more effective.

Active listening means you follow what your peers are saying and respond to it – confirm what you agree with, ask questions, and express your emotions.

You don’t have to be over the top about that, just make it clear that you are there and they are not speaking in vain.

3. Be here and now

Minimize distractions as you have conversations.

Don’t just freeze looking at someone across the street. Don’t read the menu while someone is telling you their story.

And please, please, don’t look at your phone screen while you’re “talking” to someone.

Be active in your communication, then finish it and move on with your day.

Don’t try to multitask.

Communication is a fun enough task if you’re fully involved in it.

4. Don’t say too much

Saying everything there is to the topic is not always your best option.

Sure, you may immediately seem like an authority on the subject, but your partners may be put off by that.

Leave some things behind the conversation.

5. Be disciplined

Every conversation has a beginning and an end.

Finishing it on time always feels good for both parties – you need to leave something to come back to later.

Be mindful of the conversation’s pace, don’t let it go longer than it absolutely has to.

If you decided to have a quick chat, don’t just suddenly turn it into a bar night.

6. Pay attention to non-verbal cues

By practicing mindfulness, you can improve your ability to understand spoken words and nonverbal communication.

What is the body language of the person you’re talking with?

Are they assuming a defensive posture, are their toes pointed away from you? Maybe it’s time to wrap up the conversation.

Are they getting closer to you, opening up, touching neck or hair? Keep doing what you’re doin.

7. Your tip here. Contact us and let us know how you stay mindful in your communication!

When you become more present and compassionate, you open up the space for connections, engagement, and new ideas. Are there any hacks you’ve developed for staying mindful in your communication?


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