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Reflexology for hands: chart, map, points, and techniques

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Reflexology studies the structure of the body as a whole, but pays special attention to the ears, feet and palms – all points are focused on them, each is responsible for its own organ.

In the previous article, we already listed all the benefits of foot reflexology in great detail. Now we would like to talk about hands massage. Let’s start!

What are the benefits of hand reflexology?

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We spend a lot of time on computers and smartphones. It is no wonder that most of us quite often get tired, numb and sore hands, wrists and fingers. Constantly repetitive movements, such as typing on computer and phone keyboards, cause various muscle, bone, and tendon problems over time. Hand massage can help relax muscles and keep them healthy.

Hand massage will be useful for everyone, especially those who work in an office or as a freelancer and spend a lot of time typing, using a mouse or a touch pad, and constantly repeating the same movements. Also, hand massage will be useful for those for using hands as their most important tool: doctors, masseurs, people working in various industries. Those who work with their hands very often experience muscle strain, pain in the hands, and often get injured. Reflexology massage for hands can also help fight insomnia and headaches as well as reduce stress and anxiety.


Reflexology for hands – the chart

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As you can see from this reflexology hands map, our palms have many neuro-reflex connections with the most important parts of the nervous system.

A huge number of sensitive receptors are located on our hand. These are biologically active points associated with the brain, bronchopulmonary system, digestive tract, genitourinary system, lymphatic system and all parts of the spine.

The concentration of reflexology points on the hand is much higher than in any other part of the human body. That is why hands reflexology massage is a wholesome procedure that can be performed independently at any spare minute.

With right and left hand reflexology massage not only can you gain a general strengthening effect on the body, – but also partially, or even completely, restore physical and mental well-being.


Printable reflexology map

Use the link below to download a printable PDF chart to keep track of both right and left hand reflexology points:

Printable reflexology chart



Hand reflexology techniques

Let’s devote a few minutes to your body right now!

The advantage of hand reflexology massage is that it can be done at any time and in any conditions: sitting at the computer, commuting to work, lying on the couch, taking a bath or reading your favorite book.

By massaging the points on our palms, we actually affect the entire body.

Thumb reflexology points

The thumb is associated with the lungs, bronchi and liver. If you are coughing or have a sore throat, massage your thumb. Press firmly on the nail base.

Index finger reflexology chart

The index finger affects the functioning of the digestive tract. Imagine that your finger is a smaller model of the digestive system. The pad of the finger under the free border of the nail is your mouth. Massaging the tip of your index finger can help soothe the pain if you strudel with toothaches and other oral problems. Moving further along the digestive tract, we reach the stomach, liver and gallbladder. The middle of the number one finger corresponds to these organs. Finally, we get to the large intestine, which is connected to the lower part of the number one finger and the area between it and the thumb.

Middle finger reflexology and massage

The middle finger is responsible for the circulatory system. Having problems with your blood vessels? Imagine that the middle fingers of both hands are two headstreams, from which all the numerous blood vessels of your body run further and grow in number. By massaging your middle fingers, you send healing signals that go throughout the body, filling your blood vessels with strength and positive energy.

Ring finger reflexology

The ring finger is the weakest and least mobile of all our fingers. Perhaps that is why it is associated with a fragile nervous system, whose balance can be tilted so easily. Ring finger massage helps to cope with stress, relieve nervous tension and simply improve your mood.

Little finger reflexology points

The pinkie is the thinnest and smallest of the 5 fingers, but, despite this, very important organs are entrusted to it: the small intestine and the heart. For chronic constipation, it is useful to rub the little finger and massage the base of the nail every day. . This finger is connected to our ears as well.

Palm reflexology connections

A huge number of reflex points are located in the palm itself. For example, massage of its central part helps to calm the heartbeat, restores vigor, fights fatigue, and improves mood.

Hand reflexology videos on YouTube

If you want some quick and simple video guides on hand reflexology and massage, take a look at these videos we’ve picked:

Here’s how to stretch and warm up before a self-reflexology session (by Chantel C. Lucier):

Here’s a video on reflexology against insomnia by Healthista:

Here’s a more detailed and relaxed video guide on completely de-stressing yourself with hand reflexology:

And here’s another impressive video from Dr Alan Mandell, DC, on using a little finger connection technique to clear out sinuses:

Professionals recommend massaging the fingers and hands for about 7-10 minutes.

You can repeat the massage up to 5 times a day. Do this massage in the morning before breakfast, for a greater effect.

In response to daily care, your hands will help you fight off fatigue and look better. When doing hand massage, remember that during this procedure, care will be taken not only for the skin itself, but also for the tissues, joints, and the body as a whole.

We wish you health, beauty and peace of mind!

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