Ear reflexology guide, chart, top pressure and massage points

We have already shared with you recommendations on foot reflexology and hand reflexology.

Let’s take a look at another small part of the body, which is nonetheless closely related to our organs. We’re talking about ears and ear reflexology.

Ear reflexology is not very popular in the Western world – but that needs to change. Having mastered the art of massage of the auricles, many would strengthen their health, work better and control themselves in stressful situations.

Hundreds of biologically active points are located on your ear, through which it is reflexively (i.e., through the nerves) connected with organs and parts of our body.

That is why sensitive people know that when you get sick, soreness is felt in a certain area of ​​the ear. Intrigued? Let’s learn more about it!

Ear reflexology benefits

Self-massage of the ears is extremely potent right after waking up, while still bed – this will help you wake up faster and improve the work of internal organs: tone your nervous system, activate the digestive system, and so on.

In addition to the morning session, you can return to the procedure during the day. For those who want to improve their health, and especially for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle this will help eliminate blood stagnation in various organs.

You will achieve a therapeutic result when, during the next self-examination of the auricles, you stop feeling soreness or hardening at the usual point. At this stage you can stop the therapeutic ears massage, but it is better to continue the general morning ear warming up day by day.

Ear reflexology massage also helps reduce muscle pains and headache, fight insomnia and obesity. Chinese physicians claim that it prolongs life.

There are situations in which you simply need to use self-massage of the ears. For example, if you are driving for a long time and feel tired, or if you are too drunk and want to regain control. In short, it’s a must in all situations when you need to regain your tone.

In addition, it is essential to do preventive ear massage for babies. This will prevent almost any infantile illness. Techniques are the same, just with the difference that they are made not by a baby, but a parent – and make sure the pressure you apply is very gentle


Reflexology for ears chart: discovering biologically active points

Here’s the map of all active points on your ear – and the matching organs they affect:


Download the printable ear reflexology chart in PDF format using the link below:

Printable ear reflexology chart


What do we see when looking at the reflexology for ears map? It resembles a human embryo not only in form, but also in “content”: the location of many of its points resembles the diagram of the human body, located upside down, just like stars in a constellation.

That is, the points of the legs and pelvis are at the top, the points of the internal organs are in the middle, and the points of the neck and head are near the lobes.

If you have found the point correctly, then it should feel a little more soreness in comparison with the surrounding tissue.

How to massage your ears yourself?

There are two ways to start your morning ear massage, depending on how you want to wake up.

If you need to get up quickly, in a minute or two, you will need to start the massage at the tops of the ear. There are points of the pelvic organs. Thus you stimulate the excretory system.

If you have some more time to wake up slowly, lying still in bed for 5-10 minutes, you may start from the lobe. There is the reflexology point of the brain there. It stimulated the clarity of thinking and other organs in general.

Nevertheless, experts recommend starting self-massage of the ears from the top point. This way you wake up more gradually and physiologically correctly.

Reflexology ear massage steps:

  • Take your lobes with the pads of your thumb and number one finger like a sheet of paper and massage them in a spiral motion.
  • Squeeze the cartilage moderately.
  • If the point from which you start self-massage does not hurt, do not stop there, but smoothly, without lifting your fingers, walk along the edge of the auricle to its opposite pole.
  • Thus, you can walk from one pole to the other 2-3 times.
  • At the end of the ear massage, you can grab the ears with all fingers of both hands by the edges and describe them in circles in the air. You can move clockwise or counterclockwise.

The whole procedure of tonic self-massage should take no more than 3 minutes.

If you feel hardening, soreness in some place, then after the general massage you need to massage this point additionally about 3 minutes. Such a duration of massage already has healing power. At this moment your body  warns you that some part of your body requires attention and treatment.

Ear reflexology massage videos

Take a look at the ear massage videos we’ve picked on YouTube:

Zion Massage college on ear reflexology massage and the techniques like stroking and shaking:

The Foot Whisperer reflexology institute on proper movement direction:

This video from Rachel Richards on how to recharge with an ear massage:


Listen to your body and stay healthy!

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